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Shad Top Case Expandable Design

If you own a touring or adventure motorbike, you've probably considered getting a case, a top case, and/or side cases (if you haven't already). How do I choose a motorcycle case? How can I pick the one that fits me the best? How do I set it up? Side cases? What are they?

Here we will discuss motorbike expanding cases and side cases from the Shad brand with their ground-breaking 3P System. If you've been around the motorcycle industry for a while, you've probably heard of the Shad brand. This business has more than 40 years of experience producing bags, top cases, seats, and accessories for the major motorcycle manufacturers, and is a leader in the motorcycle luggage sector.


Lets start with the SH58X and SH59X Adventure top cases. What makes them unique? 

Few motorbike cases can claim to have won the top design honours worldwide. They are the lightest in their industry and exceedingly light. But what really sets them apart is that, thanks to the company's unique mechanism, they are the first motorbike cases on the market that can be expanded to 58 litres.

They are adaptable to three positions and two load capacities, which are 46, 52, and 58 litres. In other words, you may adjust the capacity to suit your demands and potentially fit two Enduro or Trail helmets inside. 

- Leave them at 46 litres if you wish to go on a trip with your buddies. 

- 52 litres for a weekend break. 

– If you want to travel to the corners of the world, 58 litres will do.

The two cases both have an extendable mechanism, but the SH59X Adventure case, as its name suggests, is more geared toward adventure users and has an aluminium appearance. However, if you like riding on asphalt, the SH58X is perfect for you thanks to the included carbon finish lid, which you can also switch out for lids in other colours. Another issue we frequently forget to consider is if the bike cases we plan to purchase will work with our existing accessories. In this situation, we could add an inside bag, a backrest for the passenger, or a rear brake light.

The two expanding cases include three different closing options: a Smart Lock closure system, an automatic retractile handle for carrying them, and a three-position hermetic closure that prevents the case from being taken from its fitting without the key in the event that you fail to close it. The locking systems are simple easy to use, and can be operated with a single hand.

And if you've read this far, you might be wondering: That's all well and good, but how do you install them? How is the Shad extendable case installed on my motorcycle? The rack and screws are included with each Shad top case. The only thing you need to worry about is finding the right fit for your bike.


Choosing motorcycle cases can be a big hassle. You must assess your requirements, taking into account things like their capacity, aerodynamics, a rapid, secure closure, and ease of installation on your bike. Additionally, the Shad cases feature a very well-considered and aerodynamic design. Shad can be a good choice if you're looking for something to set you apart.

See our full Shad luggage range here: Shad

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